Date: 12.10 – 13.10 / 13.10 – 14.10
Starting Time: 08:00
Duration: 2 days
Starting Point: Mariott Hotel, Yerevan, 1 Amiryan St.

Day 1: Khor Virap Monastery, Noravank Monastery, Areni, Tatev Monastery
Day 2: Jermuk, Selim Pass, Lake Sevan, Hayravank

Day 1

Stop 1.
The name of Khor Virap monastery is translated as “deep dungeon”. The first Catholicos of All Armenians Saint Gregory the Illuminator, was imprisoned here for 13 years by the order of the Armenian pagan king Tiridates III for preaching Christianity. When the king was stricken with a disease his sister saw a dream: an angel told her that Tiridates would be saved only after the liberation of Gregory the Illuminator. Thus the king released Gregory the Illuminator, and the latter healed the king. After the cure the king proclaimed Christianity as the state religion. Khor Virap has an important historical significance for Armenia. Today tourists have the opportunity to descend into the underground dungeon which is located inside St. Gregory the Illuminator chapel. The best view of the holy mountain Ararat opens from the territory of the monastery.

Stop 2
Noravank monastery (translated as “new monastery”) is located in Vayots Dzor province, 3 km northeast of Amaghu village. Noravank was built in the 13-14th centuries. The territory is “framed” by unusual cliffs of bright red color, which create a very picturesque background for the buildings. Noravank was an important cultural and spiritual center in the Middle Ages; it also served as the residence of the bishops of Syunik province. Noravank monastery is one of the most visited attractions in Armenia. The complex is a magnificent architectural and artistic creation. The monastery complex consists of St. Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) mausoleum-church, which is also called Burtelashen, Saint Stephen church, the narthex adjacent to it from the west, St. Grigor chapel, ruins of medieval chapels and khachkars.

Stop 3
People who appreciate good wines and are interested in the history of ancient architecture, will definitely fall in love with the tiny Armenian Areni village. The old village is considered to be the “cradle” of Armenian winemaking. It is here that one of the oldest grape varieties is grown, used in the production of wines and bears the same name – “Areni”. During the archaeological finds, in one of the caves of Areni (“Birds’ cave”) an ancient wine press was discovered, the age of which was estimated at about 6000 years. Numerous jugs, dishes and utensils, used in ancient times for winemaking, were found here. The “Areni Wine” festival has been arranged here every autumn since 2009; over 100 types of finest Armenian wines are presented at the festival and visitors can taste and purchase young and old wines manufactured at the Areni winery.

Stop 4
Our last stop will be Tatev Monastery (IX-X century), located in Syunik province. The name “Tatev” is translated from Armenian as “give wings”. The monastery has a rich history and was a spiritual and educational center. Tatever ropeway (Wings of Tatev) holds the record for the longest non-stop double track cable car in the world. It gives a lot of amazing unforgettable impressions. According to a legend, the master who built the monastery, after finishing his work, went to the very edge of the gorge and said: “Hogin Surb ta tev” – “The Holy Spirit gives wings!” After that
he rushed down a steep cliff. The Holy Spirit gave the great master wings, so he could fly away safely.

Overnight: Mirhav / Red Roof
Single Room – 26.000AMD
Double/Twin Room – 36.000AMD

Day 2

Stop 1.
Jermuk is surrounded by cliffs at a height of 2080 meters above sea level. The city is located in the south-eastern part of the Republic of Armenia, in Vayots Dzor province (historic district of Vayots Dzor province of Syunik province). The name “Jermuk” is translated as a “hot spring” from Armenian. It is also renowned for its health resorts, wonderful nature and pure mountain air. Jermuk waterfall is located in Jermuk city. Jermuk waterfall has a height of 72 meters and splits into the Arpa river, and resembles the girl’s hair. From here comes another name for the waterfall – Mermaid’s hair. Jermuk ropeway is located at the beginning of the city and was founded in 2007 by the Austrian “Leitner” organization. The other pride of Jermuk is the water gallery that is
recommended to visit for people with different health issues.

Stop 2.
Lake Sevan is a wonderful “pearl” of Armenia. Guests from abroad can combine a pleasant holiday on the shores of Sevan surrounded by picturesque mountains with interesting excursions to the ancient historical monuments. It is recommended to visit such cultural attractions as Sevanavank and Hayravank monasteries, as well as the cemetery of the ancient khachkars Noratus. There is a large number of high-quality and inexpensive hotels and guest houses along the coastline of the lake where all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay are offered. Sevan is also famous for delicious trout which is definitely worth trying in local restaurants.

Food Stops

Day 1. Old Bridge / Red Roof
Day 2. Yasaman Sevan

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✓ Any extra fees
✓ Wine testing

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