Date: 04.10 / 05.10 / 06.10
Starting Time: 10:00
Duration: 4-5 hours
Starting Point: Mariott Hotel, Yerevan, 1 Amiryan St.

Stop 1
Etchmiadzin Mother Cathedral is considered one of the earliest Christian buildings in the world. The church was built at the beginning of the fourth century, in 301-303, after the adoption of Christianity as a state religion, by the order of Gregory the Illuminator. It was built on the site of a pagan temple, symbolizing the transition from paganism to Christianity. Being the holy center of the majority of Armenians, Etchmiadzin was one of the important centers of not only religious, but also political, economic and cultural life in Armenia. The cathedral was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000.

Stop 2
Our next stop will be St. Gayane church. It is one of the churches of the Holy Echmiadzin monastery complex. The building of the church stands on the site where Saint Gayane was martyred. Subsequently, it was here that she was buried. The Church was erected in the 7th century, has an unusual combined structure of a central domed and three-nave basilica.

Stop 3
St. Hripsime church is located at the entrance to the ancient Etchmiadzin city. The church was erected in honor of the holy virgin-martyr Hripsime, whose grave is located right under the main altar. Initially, a small chapel was erected on the site of Hripsime’s execution. A chapel was demolished by the order of the Catholicos Komitas, in the 7th century, and a new majestic church was erected in its place, which is one of the most outstanding works of early medieval Armenian architecture. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with other nearby churches.

Stop 4
In the end we will visit Zvartnots Cathedral, which is located in the Ararat valley, 3 km south of Echmiadzin city. Zvartnots Cathedral was a unique architectural structure of impressive dimensions. Instead of the cross-domed or basilica type structure characteristic of the period, Zvartnots introduced an entirely new style. It had three levels and the central dome rested on one complete circle. It was also one of the tallest structures of its time (45-49 m). Religious construction laid the foundation for the birth of a new direction in architecture and gained great fame around the world. The cathedral was remarkable for its amazing beauty and lightness of construction. 300 years later it was completely destroyed by an earthquake. Only the first level of the building has been restored at this moment. There is an Archaeological Museum located here.

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✓ Entry fees for Zvartnots Cathedral
✓ Pottery master class at Machanents
✓ Bottled water p/p p/d

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✓ Meals
✓ Any extra fees

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