Date: 12.10/14.10
Starting Time: 08:00
Duration: 11-12 hours
Starting Point: Mariott Hotel, Yerevan, 1 Amiryan St.

Stop 1.
Haghpat monastery complex is located in the north of Armenia. Haghpat is one of Armenia’s biggest and most famous monasteries, where the characteristics of medieval Armenian architecture are best reflected. For several hundred years, Haghpat was not only a religious, but also an educational center. The library of Haghpat monastery was founded in the 11th century. Many ancient manuscripts and books were written here.

Stop 2
There is an ancient Sanahin village located near Alaverdi city, in Lori province. The village is famous for the eponymous monastery complex (10-13 century). Sanahin was originally intended for exiled monks who were hiding from the persecution of the Byzantine emperor. More than 50 khachkars have been preserved in Sanahin. According to the legend, the name “Sanahin” is explained by the phrase “sa nranic hin e” which is literally translated from Armenian as “this is older, than the other one”. Sanahin monastery complex is included in a UNESCO World Heritage list together with Haghpat Monastery.

Stop 3
Akhtala is a 10th-century Armenian Apostolic monastery. The monastic complex impresses with the beauty and uniqueness of the frescoes that decorate the walls. The underground tunnels, the magnificent defensive fortress, the numerous admirable khachkars and the two-story building, which is believed to be a residence for guards, capture attention. The architecture of the church is an interesting combination of the Armenian and Georgian styles, which is particularly visible in the exterior. The beautiful frescoes are preserved on the walls of the church Surb Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God), only the Holy Mother’s face was damaged during Tamerlane’s invasion.

Stop 4
Odzun village is one of the oldest settlements in Armenia which is famous for its unique architectural monument – the monastery with the same name. There is no exact information about the date of the construction of Odzun, but judging by the building structure and other features of the architecture it can be assumed that this monastery was founded in the 7th century. The name of the founder is also unknown. The place was named after Hovhannes III Odznetsi who was born and raised here. He got the name “odznetsi” which translates as “a fighter with snakes” when he rescued his native village from the invasion of huge snakes by the cross sign. Odzun Monastery is considered one of the most magnificent buildings of Armenia in the early Middle Ages. There are ancient frescoes on the inside walls and rich carvings on the facade of the monastery.

Food Stop – Tufenkian Avan Dzoraget

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